Top 5 Diwali Celebration Ideas 2015

Diwali celebration ideas
Diwali, known as ‘festival of lights’ is the season of joy and happiness. It is biggest and most celebrated festival of the country. Diwali celebration is the most enjoyable part of the season. If you’re wondering how to celebrate Diwali this year, check out top Diwali celebration ideas and try to make green the theme for this festival.

Diwali celebration ideas:

1. Use Diyas over electric light

Diwali diyas
This Diwali say no to electric light decoration instead of that illuminate your home with diyas. Decorating home with diyas is the best among Diwali celebration ideas.
Place diyas all around your home, these flickering diyas will look much better than electric light. Fill diyas with mustard oil (sarson tel), Burning of mustard oil help in reducing pollution and fill environment with positive energy.

2. Home Decoration

Diwali decoration
Peoples clean and decorate their home during Diwali season. Opt for handmade crafts like torans, paper lanterns, bandanbars, door hangings etc. to decorate your home, this will give your home a traditional look.
Enhance the beauty of entrance by making a rangoli on it. Try to use natural colours instead of artificial.

3. No to crackers

This Diwali take a step ahead and make this festival pollution free. There are no. of eco friendly crackers available in the market try to use them instead. Cut down crackers with other activities.

4. Spend time with your loved ones

Spend your quality time with your family, friends and colleagues. Spending time with loved ones is ultimate fun that comes with being surrounded by laughter and love. Another tradition for this festival is gift giving. Peoples meets, greets and exchange gifts in this auspicious day.

5. Offer a helping hand

Helping hand
Make someone smile this festival by offering a helping hand. Try to purchase smile for the unfortunate people it may be your maid, peon, beggar or a stranger. love them and be loved by them.
Convince others to make this Diwali green.

These are the best diwali celebration ideas for the season. Share your views about these diwali celebration ideas on commemt section.

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